Driving Lessons

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Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons | La Renaissance Auto Driving School : Brooklyn, NY

Behind the Wheel

Approximately half the course time is devoted to behind the wheel experiences, whether it's riding in the car as an observer or actual behind-the-wheel time. The student spends hours in observation before they get behind a wheel, and they are well prepared for the actual driving experience.

What's Covered?

Drivers operate vehicles with habits they've developed over years of driving. New drivers must discover the road as an all-new experience. Much of the instruction looks basic, but when new drivers must find their center of gravity for the first time and become acquainted with the equipment of an automobile, patient instruction and compassionate feedback can be the difference between success and failure.

The following issues are covered in both the classroom and behind the wheel.

1. Getting on and off roadways including interstate highways.
2. Right of way issues at intersections, especially unmarked intersections.
3. We cover the various traffic signs and their interpretation.
4. Direction of travel and how to execute turns.
5. Left lane/right lane etiquette.
6. Road limitations on speed, clearance height, width and weight restrictions.
7. The status of bicyclists and pedestrians you share the road with.
8. Yielding to emergency vehicles, school buses and funeral processions.
9. Communication tools: the horn, blinkers and brake lights.
10. What to do in case of an accident -- not necessarily one that involves you!

If you can remember the first time you navigated an intersection, you may remember how challenging it felt share the road with other drivers for the first time.