Defensive Driving Classes

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Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive Driving Classes | La Renaissance Auto Driving School : Brooklyn, NY

Drivers can benefit from the defensive driving classes at La Renaissance Auto Driving School. Once a driver has mastered the equipment of the automobile and they've become rules-conscious drivers, the next area of study is defensive driving, and this area can do much for a student's health and well-being, their Day-Timer and their pocketbook.

Techniques to Save Lives

Defensive driving is not donning a motorcycle helmet before climbing in the car, though it's obvious that the first objective of defensive driving is to avoid accidents. Even when the drivers around you have lost their minds and the road conditions are terrible, a defensive driver can avoid accidents. The instructors at La Renaissance Auto Driving School will share a few general rules and some particular driving skills that will save lives, especially yours.

Driving to Save Money

By learning the skills of defensive driving, drivers can avoid the expensive circumstances of auto body repair, mechanical repairs, time lost to dealing with accidents, earning-time lost due to injury or costs and damage awards from an expensive civil suit. Defensive driving also increases the gas mileage on your car. Because defensive drivers regularly maintain their vehicles, check the tire pressure and other energy saving steps, they save money.

Techniques to Save Time

A simple defensive driving rule can illustrate how a defensive driving course can save drivers time. Defensive drivers follow a simple rule about parking in parking lots: "Back in, don't back out." By following the simple rule of backing into a parking spot, or better yet, driving through a parking spot, defensive drivers avoid the hassle of backing out of parking spots, avoiding fender benders and enjoying a smooth, effortless exit.