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Classroom Training

Classroom Training | La Renaissance Auto Driving School : Brooklyn, NY

Classroom Training: La Renaissance Auto Driving School

What specific information do we cover? At La Renaissance Auto Driving School, we prepare students for the driver's license test. Our students become familiar with the State of New York's traffic laws and ordinances. We prepare them to interact with other automobile drivers, commercial vehicle operators, pedestrians and bicycles on the roadways. We teach students to know the rules of the road and common safety precautions.

Licenses, Registration, Inspections and Non-Moving Violations

The kind of Licenses, Registration, inspections, parking violations and safety equipment are covered too. Students learn the restrictions to the license they are testing for, the importance of vehicle registration, the requirements for insurance in the State of New York and where to keep registration and insurance information in the car. They also learn about vehicle inspections, parking violations and safety equipment like seat belts and the purpose of seat belt laws.

Moving Violations

Moving Violations are also covered in the course work, with discussions about getting a ticket and paying the fines. Drunk driving may cost the driver the use of their car and significant fines not to mention damages awarded in civil court. Drivers can also be charged with vehicular homicide. Motorcycle awareness is an important issue that we teach. We also cover organ and tissue donation in the event of an accidental after drivers are licensed.